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The Second Creature, 1949

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RG_Sunil_Janah_Second_Creature_1949The Second Creature, 64 photographs by Sunil Janah. Published by Dilip Kumar Gupta, The Signet Press, designed by Satyajit Ray, assisted by Sibram Das, printed by Lalchand Roy. Engraved by Bengal Autotype Company (213 Cornwallis Street) and The Statesman Ltd (Chowringhee). March 1949 edition, priced at twelve rupees.
But a small remembrance of this wonderful work, on International Women’s Day 2014.


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  1. happy to read that Brahma decided to “do better” and therefore created a woman after he had made man! Even the gods corrected their “first time”

    Heta Pandit

    March 10, 2014 at 16:46

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