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India’s water stocks and use, 81 major reservoirs

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There are 81 major reservoirs that India’s water bureaucracy monitors, every day and every week. Weekly data is released regularly, but in a roundabout way meant to ensure that there is little chance of the interested observer maintaining a running data set. There are no readily available numbers, and what there is must be extracted laboriously from badly formatted reports. It’s not a pleasant task, but since India’s towns and cities, farm families and rural settlements depend on stored surface water so greatly, these are hugely important for development work.

This chart is a sort of weekly amplitude of the net water movement into and from the 81 reservoirs. The data is from the Central Water Commission, Government of India. Movement below the x axis indicates water being stored, above the axis shows water being released for use, whether for irrigation, hydropower, urban use or industrial. Below is an example of the relative storage capacities of some of these reservoirs (you can see the Java version at Many Eyes).

Written by makanaka

June 8, 2011 at 19:58

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